Megs is an ICASA registered communications provider.
Our core business is telecommunication service provisioning to ISP’s and their clients.

In a nutshell: We provide ISP’s with a platform to deliver a quality service to their clients.
ISP services provided:
1. Licensing of would be operator under Meg’s IECNS and ECNS nationwide license.
2. Provide a platform to authenticate and account ISP users data and voice.
3. Enable the provisioning of multiple services and multiple classes of services.
4. Setting up of NOC (Network Operations center) for would-be operator.
5. NOC data services includes load balancing, voice switching, bandwidth shaping, caching, client
authentication etc.

1. Provide access to cost effective masts. (12m – 48m height)
2. Provide training and support regarding tower installation, earthing and lightning protection on all installed provider and client side equipment.
3. RF microwave link planning.
4. Link capacity planning.
5. Indoor enterprise WiFi coverage planning and coverage prediction.
6. Enterprise WiFi systems providing managed fast handover of stations between access points.
7. Microwave point to point link spectrum license applications and management.
8. Dedicated and VPS server hosting for provider and client.
9. Client on site mail filtering and caching solutions.

Contact us for options on a range of connectivity solutions.
Layer 2 via most terrestrial fiber providers.
Layer 3 via most terrestrial fiber providers.

VoIP Telephony:
1. Provisioning of geographical and non-geographical VoIP phone numbers to clients.
2. Quality of service management for VoIP Solutions.
3. Provide client and provider voice billing.

Licensing and fees:
The basic principle is that each client accessing the provider network will pay an access fee per user month to Megs as license fee. This also provides:
• 2nd Level technical support for network client is connected to.
• Hi-Site configuration and configuration maintenance.
• Telephonic support to provider personnel in regards to network issues.
• Remote assistance during alignment and connection phase at new installation.
• Routing and configuration of existing and new Hi sites
• Provider network will be routed / configured to Meg’s specification.

There is an additional fee per client per month which will provide the following:
• Radius authentication and accounting.
• Basic web hosting for up to 5 email addresses on a c-panel based web server platform.
• Client portal access to view data usage etc.
• Email address which is maintained by Megs.

VoIP profit share:
Megs and provider will generally provide voice services on an equal profit share basis to clients.
The provider will be provided with detail call cost and selling rates. Billing to 16000 over individual destinations.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with this solution.
Team Megs

If you are a wireless ISP that requires solutions, please contact us for further information.

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