Wireless Communications
Structured Cabling
Network – LAN and WAN
Voice over IP
Least cost routing
Internet bandwidth management
Virtual Private Networks
Radius AAA Solutions
ISP Data and Voice Billing solutions

Distributed Satellite and Video

Video on demand

Hosting Services

Hosting Service solutions are for our clients to establish a strong online presence. Hosting services offered include application, mail and web server hosting.

Internet Access and Bandwidth

Affordable Bandwidth Access technology solutions.  Connectivity technologies include optical fibre, copper or wireless to provide high bandwidth for small and medium businesses.  We provide bandwidth to meet your requirements and also provide mailboxes and e-mail management for our clients.Bandwidth monitoring provides you with statistics daily of your bandwidth usage.


Provide digital electronic and transmission systems to transfer voice, video and data. Provide services for IP PBXs, IP Telephony using SIP for high quality Voice over IP (VoIP) client solutions. We will also source all telecommunications equipment for customers such as routers, voice gateways, servers, Asterisk equipment and VoIP telephone handsets at very economical prices.

Infrastructure Management

Manage and optimize client operating systems, servers, storage, networks, middleware and hardware.  Management of system performance and availability across the technology environment.Mutually beneficial Service Level Agreements (SLA) are negotiated enabling you to reduce costs and improve operations

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