Jun 20

International projects

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Megs has been awarded four new international projects for 2016.
Projects ranges from horizontal cabling installation, network configuration and security, IPTV to full ISP services delivery.


Jun 20

New presence at NAPAfrica Durban

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Megs now has a presence inside NAPAfrica Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Nov 13

ISPA Membership

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As part of drive towards better service and legal compliance, Megs has gained membership status at ISPA.

May 28

New peering at NAPAfrica

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Megs has now established peering via NAPAfrica.
This is part of our drive to deliver the best possible internet experience to our clients.

Aug 06

IPTV Streaming Solution

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Megs is proud to announce the availability of its IPTV multicast streaming Solution.
Units are available with 2, 4, 6 and 8 transponders.

2, 4, 6 or 8 DVB S/S2 Tuners
22kHz Tone – 13V (Vertical Polarisation)
22kHz Tone – 18V (Horizontal Polarisation)
22kHz Tone – 18V (Horizontal Polarisation)
22kHz Tone – 13V (Vertical Polarisation)
No 22kHz Tone – 18V (Horizontal Polarisation)
No 22kHz Tone – 13V (Vertical Polarisation)

Full 950 MHz to 2150 MHz Tuning.
Unicable is supported.
Single and dual Gigabit Ethernet units are available with 802.11Q VLAN support.
Units is used in production with free-to-air and encrypted programs on C-Band and KU-Band.
System can pass through encrypted DVB stream with rewritten PAT (Program allocation Tables).

Jul 12

Indoor WiFi planning

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Megs now offers a WiFi design service.

From supplied technical drawing:

Coverage prediction:

Sep 26

Megs is proud to announce the imminent arrival of our high-performance microwave and Wi-Fi antennas.
These units boast class leading technical specifications and competitive pricing.

Please navigate to our products section for details.

Jul 22

We are proud to announce limited availability of our premium range of bandwidth solutions for ISP and Corporate use:

  1. Least Cost Routing via Microwave, ADSL and Leased Line.
  2. Contention based unshaped and uncapped solutions via Microwave and ADSL with static IP’s
  3. ADSL wholesale bandwidth from SAT3/SAFE and Seacom.
  4. High availability solutions via ADSL, Leased line and Microwave.
  5. Cellular calls via Wi-Fi in your corporate environment.
  6. Affordable inter-branch voice communication.

Please contact us for more information

Apr 06

Megs is a private company that provides our clients with cost effective, practical business solutions engineered from advanced technological products and services. The company is owned and managed by South Africans who all have a technology and management background.
The company was formed to meet the needs of small and medium size clients who have demanding Information and Communication technology requirements.

Let us help connect your world!

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