Megs is a private company that provides our clients with cost effective, practical business solutions engineered from advanced technological products and services.  The company is owned and managed by South Africans who all have a  passion for technology and client service. The company was formed to meet the needs of small and medium size clients who have demanding Information and Communication technology requirements.

Some of our services includes:

Wholesale IP Transit
– IP transit services to ISP’s.
– Layer 2 carriers to major data-centres.

Fibre Network
– Design of fibre networks. Traditional, blown, GEPON etc.
– Installation of fibre networks
– Splicing and Commissioning

– Copper and fibre based cabling.
– Network Design
– Quality of service
– Configuration (VLANs and Routing)

ISP Solutions
– Microwave backhaul links, licensed and unlicensed bands.
– VRRP and cluster solutions ISP industry
– Deployment of redundant L2TP and PPPOE access concentrators.
– Commercial and residential VOIP deployment
– Development and deployment of AAA ISP (Radius) solutions.
– Development and deployment mail and spam solutions.
– Multi gateway redundant routing solution
– Traffic shaping solutions.

Wireless Solutions
– Microwave backhaul links. Licensed, unlicensed.
– Network Design
– Wireless Wide Area Network
– Radio site management and RF Planning
– Design and manufacture Wireless 802.11-nabg specialist antennas

Voice Over Internet Protocol
– Commercial and residential VOIP deployment
– VOIP quality of service over wireless and wired WANs.
– VOIP Billing Solutions.

Distributed Satellite and Video
– Pay Per View video

– IPTV solutions for hospitality
– IPTV solutions development and deployment
– Streaming and transcoding of IP video streams
– Consultation and design of Wireless CCTV delivery systems
– IPTV streaming advertising solutions

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